UNLIMITED Savings account

This account will allow you to get more and better returns on your money depending on the balances you manage in your accounts. (More details on our Fee rates).

Initial Deposit: B/. 3,000.00

  • This account has one of the best market performances, with its rate of 2.50%.
  • This account has Online Banking service and Debit Card for easy reference and availability.

Note: The annual interest rate for 2.50% for UNLIMITED savings account applies as long as it maintain a balance of B/. 10,000.00 or higher.

Natural Person:

  • Valid ID or passport with entry stamps (foreign)
  • Resident card (foreigners with temporary or permanent residence)
  • Original letter of employment
  • Proof of income

Legal Entities:

  • Company Article of Incorporation an all the amendments to such.
  • Public Registry Certificate evidencing the existence and validity of the entity
  • Copy of ID or passport (foreigners) of all shareholders, final beneficiaries, partners, legal representative, attorney, directors, officers of the company
  • Original letter of employment
  • Audited Financial statements or tax return or legal or contractual documentation of the client's income flow.
  • Executive Committee meeting minutes/ Shareholders requesting the account opening.