Fixed-term deposit

You can request the opening of a Commercial Fixed-term deposit with a time frame ranging from 30 days to 5 years, with excellent interest rates.

Minimum opening:

  • Regular Fixed-term deposit: B/. 10,000.00
  • Fixed to 3 years: B/. 50,000.00

Interest payment: Interest payments at your convenience by Manager’s check, credit accounts, ACH transfer. They may be capitalized if the term is one year onwards.

  • Company Article of Incorporation an all the amendments to such.
  • Public Registry Certificate evidencing the existence and validity of the entity (Issued with no more than two months)
  • Copy of Patent and Trade license
  • Banking and/or commercial references: (2) Bank references and/or (2) Business references will be required. With no older than sixty (60) days directed to Banvivienda
  • Copy of IDs or passport (foreigners) of all shareholders, final beneficiaries, partners, legal representative, attorney, directors, officers of the company.  The copies of the IDs must be submitted by both sides and passports must include all pages.
  • Executive Committee meeting minutes/ Shareholders requesting the account opening.
  • Executive Committee meeting minutes/ Shareholders requesting other products or banking services, such as online banking, etc.
  • Financial Statements or tax return for foreign companies
  • Company presentation letter directed to Banvivienda.
Or by calling 800-7500 / 306-7500 or visiting any of our branches.