FInancial Leasing

Credit facility to lease machinery, equipment and vehicles in the medium term.

Among the assets to lease we have: industrial machinery, commercial, heavy equipment, medical equipment, technology, fleet of cars, trucks and others.

It is an effective financing tool for companies to grow and complement their operations.


  • Lease up to 80% of the property value
  • Periods up to 3 to 5 years
  • The monthly fee is a fixed fee, allowing project its flow properly
  • It is a rental expense so it can be deducted at 100% of income tax
  • The rental fee is not subject to FECI payment
  • Terms, conditions and competitive rates
  • Service and personalized advice
  • Online Banking access to queries and payments

Legal Entities

  • Present Audited Financial Statements of the last three (3) years

  • Good credit references

  • Present machinery, equipment and / or vehicle quote

  • Completed Leasing application letter 
Or by calling 800-7500 / 306-7500 or visiting any of our branches.