Corporate Payroll

Banking operation of electronic payroll payment. The company must have Online Banking for consultation and transactions.

This service is given in a Web environment. We provide a bank account, CLAVE debit card and online banking for all the employees who want a Banvivienda account.

In the event that the employee already has a bank account with another bank, it can be transferred through the ACH system.


  • Safest method of payment for the employer and the employee
  • It improves business productivity
  • Reduces operating and administrative costs
  • Fast and efficient transactions
  • Controls the day and time you want to check and pay your employees, at your convenience
  • Access to Online Banking from anywhere in the world
  • Employees will have all the benefits of the CLAVE debit card (buy in affiliated stores, using all ATMs of the Worldwide Plus Network, etc.)
  • Service and personalized advice

Legal Entities

  • The company must have a checking or a savings account in Banvivienda
  • The company must have Banvivienda’s Online Banking
  • List of employees