Corporate Social Responsibility

A commitment with our country.

Through our CSR program, Banvivienda reinforces its commitment to being a change catalyst in the different communities we operate. In Banvivienda, we have identified education initiatives as our main commitment, working to build and educate better citizens. A great education inspires ethical and moral values to those who receive it, building great citizens and exemplary families, helping to create a better Panama every day. For us, CSR is a constant compromise, consolidating our active role as an organization fostering social and entrepreneurial conscience, and the need for a better education, through which our children and community can progress.

During 2013, we have been working, along with our corporate volunteers, in projects related to Financial Education, Preventive Medicine Programs, the importance of Free Speech, Educating Children, Education in the Country, and Banvivienda in the Community.

Being socially responsible is one of our main challenges, which is why we have great projects ahead of us that, with a lot of enthusiasm and support from our corporate volunteers, are working on. We are an organization of trajectory, focused on being a change agent in our country, searching always for the welfare of our community, holding us accountable for our promise: we have everything, so you don’t miss out on anything.


Club de Leones of Panama

Club de Leones of Panama

To foster education and values, Club de Leones organized "One night with our typical things for Panamanian childhood", where...

Sponsorship “Dialogue with Fernando Savater”

Banvivienda supports the relevant and masterly talk “Dialogue with Fernando Savater, Urgent Ethics”, which talks about rescuing...

Chinese New Year’s Day “Horse Year Festival”

Chinese New Year’s Day “Horse Year Festival”

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