Fixed-term deposit

You can request the opening of Fixed-term deposit with a time frame ranging from 30 days to 5 years, with excellent interest rates.

Minimum opening:

  • Regular Fixed-term deposit: B/. 10,000.00
  • Fixed to 3 years: B/. 50,000.00

Interest payment: Interest payments at your convenience by Manager’s check, credit accounts, ACH transfer. They may be capitalized if the term is one year onwards.


  • Valid ID or passport with entry stamps (foreign)
  • Banking and/or commercial references: (2) Bank references and/or (2) Business references will be required. With no older than sixty (60) days directed to Banvivienda
  • Proof of income: It can be a work letter, tax return or declaration of assets and / or annual income statement.
  • Immigration Status card, if applicable
  • Birth certificate (if the account is a/n of a minor)
  • Utility receipt (water, electricity or telephone bill)
Or by calling 800-7500 / 306-7500 or visiting any of our branches.